July 3, 2010

to blog?

to blog or not to blog.
what is the purpose of having one?

well.. when i set this up, it was my intention to have a place where i could:

#1. do business: network for my Etsy shop (which is still under constructionish conditions, that'll change) and help the handmade world overall.
#2. have fun: post about things that i enjoy (ie: music, people, websites, art, etc.)
#3. help myself: use typing for the quickest & easiest way to release
my thoughts & experiences.
#4. help others: my hope was that by being open & sharing about my life-happenings & REAL feelings, readers could be affected & helped along in some way in their walk.

i haven't blogged as consistently as i've wanted.
i think i've struggled with how open i can be on here.
i've been discouraged by my bouncy psyche,
and have waited for things to get a little more clear
so i don't give broken messages.

i will say this: sugary coats & fear of man are being
thrown out of the window!
i've come to deeply appreciate & actually enjoy this
special process that i'm in.
i'm now ok with sharing broken messages because..
that is simply where i am right now.
i know there have got to be others out there that'll feel me.
and if one person does, that's all that matters.... right?

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