January 12, 2010


aerobics on an empty stomach.
greek yogurt with honey to follow.
hot tea & a devotional.
that's morning done right.

January 1, 2010


last minute, me and my friend Jess drove to Kansas City for 2 days of IHOP's OneThing Conference.
a friend of mine found us a host home, so we got to stay in a hotel like room with our own full bathroom. nice! and the family was really sweet.. Fam of 6. they all look alike, and the mom made the best pancakes i've ever had thing morning. yum.
it's been snowing here! i love the icy blankets over everything.
one night we had to drive super slow because my vehicle was slipping around everywhere.
we couldn't stop laughing.
i laugh alot with Jessica. she's a dear friend.. we've been friends for a little over 4 years now.
i sometimes look at her while we're having dinner & talking and think about how we'll be when we're old ladies.
laughter is good medicine. :)
well.. God is breaking the worry bug out of my life!
tonight an older lady wearing green prayed over me..
she said "God is happy with your decisions.. now just rest at His feet."
so i AM.

the Faith is interesting.
there's so many people!
and everyone is doing their own thing.
i don't have to agree with everything... (thank goodness)
i'm not much into End Times talk or the hucklebuck flinching & drunken laughter that goes on..
but finally.. i'm not letting it mess me up from having my own thing going with God.
i'm gettin down on the meat and spittin out the bones!

i am learning about the sweetness of God.
i've felt that i'm spiritually spiraling into past situations and i'm getting healing & more understanding.

i am beginning 2010 at rest.

New years resolutions are made, sealed with a kiss towards heaven, and bubbly on top.

Happy New Year!!!