December 30, 2010

precept upon precept

keepin' it profReshional.

new M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 keyboard controller.

she's really pretty...

December 25, 2010

candlestick letter

my mom found this Christmas card tonight that my late grandpa Charlie sent to
her back in 1984.
she then said "If my dad was alive today he'd be 104 years old!!"
i told her that was really cool.

he passed away when i was 3 years old.
i have only one foggy memory of him.
it was summertime & and i believe we were in the kitchen.
he was getting a bandage for me out of the cabinet.
i felt safe.
the smell of wintergreen always reminds me of him.
i found out later in life that he chewed Wintergreen Copenhagen tobacco.
so that's probably why.

parts of his letter:

"Ida said you mentioned sending tapes on the New Testament, please don't do it, tapes make me sleepy. I can do my own your money."

"I get so mad sometimes reading the Bible, of how stupid some of the people was in Christ time and it seems they haven't changed much since, our Savior had a hard time when he was here, for sure. Seems like they are always trying to kill him."

and at the end he says "kiss the gals for me!
that would've been me and my sister.
(little johnny was following close behind tho)
he sometimes signed his name "Chaz" & i used to say i wanted to name my 1st son that.
i'm sleepy...Merry Christmas.

December 21, 2010

21 DEC sky

i only caught one glimpse of the moon last night.
the Earth's shadow was covering about half of it.
mostly, i just watched the night clouds drift by.
i sat and prayed for clear skies and breathed in the gentle winter solstice winds.
thought about those ever invading life, death and purpose questions.
earlier, i was thinking about how painful it would be to lose a loved one around Christmas time,
so i breathed prayers of protection over all i could think of.
right before i took my seat under the stars, i found out that my dear friend's Mom had passed away that night.
i was just conversing with my friend that afternoon.
she was so excited to watch the lunar eclipse!
you never know what the next minute can hold.
i'm so heartbroken for her.
grace and peace to you Lisa, my sister.
your mother got the best view in the house of that copper red moon.

there really is a lot of pain in life.
and unless you want a miserable existence whilst floating through space,
you will have to keep Hope.

Hope that the ones who suffer will be delivered.
Hope that any good you do, really does bring change.
Hope that your dreams will come true.
Hope that your wounds will heal.
Hope that we will all be together again one day.

"Blessed are they that mourn...for they shall be comforted." -Matthew 5:4

December 8, 2010

corrupt bargain

studying for my finals tonight.
there are so many interesting pictures in our History book.
but this one i found online while doing extra research on the Compromise of 1877.

i love it enough to frame it.

"Unto that Power he doth belong/Which only doeth Right while ever willing Wrong."