July 6, 2010

sunday experiences

i went to the black church again Sunday morning.
i'm moved in every way when i'm there.
i've been inspired to get into photography
because of the amount of pictures that my heart takes during the service.
creative ideas flow in my head like a river.
my album cover art idea came to me while in their pew.
i feel their music on a real level.. i don't have to force myself to participate in the experience.
the music makes me bob my head & groove.. i can't be still!
i love how the atmosphere changes in the sanctuary whenever Bishop appears & makes his way to the pulpit while the worship is going on.
such a respect he demands...in the warmest way possible.
this man is poignant in the way he delivers his messages--intelligent, insightful & full on entertaining. touches of urban humor..oh yes!!
in particular though,
i love the beginning part of the service where this elderly black man in a 3 piece suit and 1970's glasses slowly walks up to the front to gets on his knees at the alter and earnestly pray for the congregation & the rest of the world.
it is chilling.

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