May 31, 2010

more paint!

(his hand, my flowers, our picture)

(Gracin and Gavin one night.)

(Gavin yesterday as "spiderman.")

(there they are again!)

(my right arm & hand compliments of Gracin Nutt, my left Gavin.)

smushy slosh!

i've had a wonderful time these past couple days with my nephew Gavin.
he's 4 years old,
but he's growing up into such the little man..
i've been noticing it alot lately.
he's losing his babyness. :(
we spent alot of time outdoors yesterday.
we raced each other, played ball, dug some holes with a shovel, chased Sushi around, and we painted!
first we painted on paper,
then on skin!
he wanted to be spiderman.
i had no clue how to start that, so i went by his directions
which were "make my face red and put white spider lines on it!"
middle way through i told him he looked more like an indian chief warrior man.
i thought that sounded even cooler!
but not to him.

later he wanted to paint on my arm.
he always likes to take the colors that i've separated on the plate
and mix them all together.
usually i stop him, but today i didn't.
i enjoyed watching him brush freely through all the colors.
in turn, it made even more colors appear.
paint drops like marbles!

he drew a big circle in a slosh of smushy colors on my arm.
i said "make it a flower by adding a stem to it."
so he did.
when all was done he told me that it was a "wishing flower."
after talking with him i realized he talking about the dandelion. :)

(photo by: Gavin Nutt)

May 30, 2010


i knew that little red bird would be drawn..
but unlike him, i'm not stubborn.
(what is that black line poking him on his tail?)

i've ventured into a precise time of learning how to
hear from God.
and to alleviate retrospect's confusion, i've wiped clean the canvas of all the times i thought i "knew" something.
that has freed my mind to be an open book and relearn
some things.

what is this "knowing" that people talk of?
can God give you a word that lingers come hell or high-water?
or maybe this isn't a matter of discerning a word.
maybe i am inherently indecisive.
i will find out.

sometimes i fear that my Other will think i've forgotten.
but i haven't.
sometimes the urge to reveal that is overwhelming,
so i "speak to him."
but i know that if the love is true, it can wait and it will work.
so no need for rushing or pushing.

this is a unique time, unlike anything i've experienced.
so i say to myself "bon voyage!"

"Nothing requires more trust than submitting to discomfort that you believe in your heart is the will of God, when you know that you could take some action yourself and relieve that suffering."
-Joyce Meyer

May 29, 2010

to sing.


you never realize how big trees are until their crowns are blocking you from walking into your back door.

they sure do lend a nice Christmastime aroma to the air though..
and today i watched several different types of birds hang out in their repositioned branches.
i wondered if it was their old home that still called them.

May 27, 2010

Gavin & the Koi

this was taken sometime last year.
i love finding old pictures.
this one is kind of a picture of a picture!! :)
(magnadoodles rule)

I have been counting my blessings today.

May 24, 2010

the 24th

trying my hand at making fabric rosettes.
these are for a new project.
i've always loved flowers.

May 22, 2010

lovely lunch date

for years i have heard about a certain bakery that was tucked away in downtown Fordyce.
today, i finally got to visit it with my friend Jessica.
the Klappenbach's.
what special people!

inside, a different rabbit figurine adorned every mismatched table.
coffee cups of every color and size were stacked up in a cupboard.
i chose the peachy pink cup.
Jess and i sipped coffee and chatted while waiting for our Reuben's to arrive.

before leaving, we struck up a conversation with a table of people,
one of which was the wife of the owner.
she complimented my jewelry.
i complimented the ambiance.

she then took me by the hand and led me to all of
their extra rooms.
i oohh'd and ahh'd over her vintage glass and what-nots that
were displayed.
i was reminded of a special lady whom i miss very much.
she told me about the fire they had a year before,
and how they had to redecorate everything.
i don't know what it looked like before,
but it made me think of the scripture
"He will give beauty for ashes."
lastly, i was taken to a big meeting room that was full
of natural light.
an old piano graced the far wall..
i touched the keys.
she said that it never got played,
so i played my newest song.
the acoustics were perfect for singing.

Mr. Klappenbach stood behind me and applauded.
i warmly thanked him.
smiling ear to ear, Norm shook my hand and asked my name.
i told him "Annalisa."
he replied "I may not remember that name, but i won't forget
those eyes!"

not only do they make the finest gingerbread cookies around,
they make people's day too!

i will be going back.

May 17, 2010

beautiful Leonard Cohen cover.
this is my favorite performance by The Civil Wars.
could it be because of who wrote it?

i remember when this girl was a frosted blonde
Christian-pop artist.
i can also remember when i listened to
Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 & wore Tommy Hilfiger.
it's all i knew.

eventually i discovered there was More,
and threw myself into the Newness.
i began to evolve.

but others are still very much at home with Tommy,
and nothing is wrong with that..

as long they have extinguished any fear of Change.

i've been reading more lately,
and have noticed differing writing styles between authors.
some are redundant with their creative imagery.
this gets on my nerves.

i will say:

if you are True to yourself,
how can you Fail?
if you make an honest mistake,
how can it not be Redeemed?

am i Real?

May 16, 2010

i just read "The Velveteen Rabbit"
..and i loved it very much.

i've also decided i don't like tattoos.