July 7, 2010

lady lunchables

a classy mother and daughter dined in at lunch today.
they were celebrating the mother's birthday.
her name was Sue, & she turned 88 today!

everyone usually blurs together during a lunch rush, but these
ladies stood out!
i was happy to get to serve them.
the Mom had a cute little face & bubbly personality.
the daughter had the darkest hair, which i'm sure was natural at one point in her life, and she wore an all black suit with heels paired with lots of gaudy bright blue jewelry.
playing dress up for lunch..i love it!

here lately i've been appreciating the fact that i gave up tanning
over a year ago.
artificial light and unusual amounts of sunlight.
i did this for several reasons including wanting to be more health conscience,
and not wanting to be sucked into believing what the media tells you is "hot."
but sometimes i feel swayed to return to my old ways, especially now that it's summertime!
i'm seeing that i have my dad's coloring (dark hair) but my red-headed mother's skin tone!!
white as a sheet.

anyway, they started talking about my eyeshadow..
so naturally, i started dishing it up about Sephora.
i can't believe i didn't draw them out a map of how to get there on their napkin.

then, Sue looked up at me with a great big smile & said
"oh my! you have the whitest complexion!"
(or maybe i just startled her.. she did clutch her pearls. haha)

i couldn't tell if she said "whitest" or "brightest".. so i asked again.

nope, she said "whitest" --but then proceeded to tell me it was pretty.

that dear lady, who's prime was in the iconic 1940's, reinforced my decision to keep it natural and my day was whitened.
i mean brightened!

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