February 20, 2011


2 (polar opposite) suggestions stand out most:

i've had one tell me softer suits me best.
i've had one allude that i don't bring enough [black] soul to the table.

that can make a girl doubt her sound.

sure there's room for suggestions & opinions,
i'm open!
but i can't be morphin' to somebody else's likin'! ya heard?
#1 importance is that I should like my sound.
and i do!
and i sing from a raw, real place..
what else really matters?

who am I influenced by?
i have no idea...
but i kind of like that i can say that.
i've said Sade, imogen heap, etc...
i mean, i've owned one album by each...
but i haven't listened to them in years.
i never think about them so am i really "influenced" by them??
in the church days... it was all church music.
so growing up, i have no recollection of any artists that i was drawn to because we didn't listen to "secular" music.
my idea of a good time with music was singing "Our God is an Awesome God!" and having my brother video record me (with the big VHS camcorder, o yess!)
but whenever we broke away from the Church building, secular music was eventually allowed.
so i jammed Maria Carey & Boyz II Men on repeat when i was like 12 & 13.
i got on a short lived Lenny Kravitz & Nelly Furtado kick when i was 16.
and a short phase of Christian hardcore RoCK when i was fired up for Jesus around 17.
(TNT Powerhouse in Bryant. word!)
then i learned how to play guitar.
i appreciated a little Mars Volta & a touch of reggae at 18.
a melodic Eisley, Starflyer and Cool Hand Luke at 19 along with ETWC's hippy worship tunes.
a little Portishead & Dredg & Bjork at 20.
a little Massive Attack at 21.
a 31 year old singer-songwriter/blues/folk/sexy/country at 22.
then i entered into the world of PJ Harvy, Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, Leonard Cohen, DJ Shadow, old blues artists, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Waylon Jennings from ages 22ish-26ish. man, those have been some of the best tunes by far. rich years of acquired tastes from one guy, poured into me like a pez dispenser. but candy was gooood.
some had to grow on me...but with time, they've turned into some solid favorites.
i always liked the sounds of mass black gospel choirs.
i've recently liked Bon Iver's vocals and chilled out vibe.
Antony & the Johnsons, i mean...where do i start?
creepy vocals and heavy dub steps from artists like Fever Ray & Bat For Lashes.
recently early Staple Singers have been blowing me out the water..
but i don't think i really like all of anyone's anything.
(perhaps even my own?!)
and i never buy Artist's albums that i do like and stay followed up on them.
not intentionally, & i'm changing that.
the closest artist to liking their everything (at this point) would be Josh Garrels.
and i do follow up on him.
and i thought i liked the Civil Wars.
but i bought their album & was disappointed.
i think i liked the idea of them.

but anyway.. i really don't know where, if at all, i am influenced "sound wise" from these people.

i just scrolled up, and behold! this message has turned into ramble hour.
the first few lines was all i really wanted to write.

i like dude singers better than girl singers.

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