February 15, 2011

buff buffer buffing

i still don't know how i feel about Tumblr.
i was hoping to use it for shorter posts...
ones directed a little more towards promoting my art-&-music projects
and less on sharing the ole heart.

sometimes you gotta try on different shoes..

or re-try on.

Or break out the polish.

or re-try on.


  1. Please don't post anything on your Tumblr that's not also here-- I don't want to have to subscribe to both, with all the duplications.

  2. hi! thanks for following up with me!
    yeah, Tumblr is new for me and i'm trying to figure out which is best for what... until i do, subscribing to this blog will probably have the most heart to heart stuff... Tumblr will be more for just quick cool pictures i find online, or quick updates on my music or Etsy shop & a way to really network with other crafters & such.. so more for promo maybe??
    hope i didn't misunderstand the request!
    you could probably just bookmark the Tumblr page to check in every once in awhile. sorry if your dashboard got swamped with the other days reposting of all my old Tumblr posts. mucho loveo

  3. heh. i'm subscribed to both now...