February 4, 2011

i’m learning how to tweak my photos to another degree.

scanned the tissue paper i painted, then uploaded a picture i took while in Mexico in the Summer of 2008.

actually the photo is a still shot from my FlipCam. so the quality isn’t very high.

then i play around in Picnik.. a great place to store & edit photos online for FREE!

they have a nice layering technique i just found out about.. been playing with it all night long. there are still more things you can layer and tweak on! possibilites really are endless! but this is a pretty basic idea. just the photo, scanned paper & adjusting the colors manually.

i’m realizing more and more how much i love working with the digital arts.

everywhere i turn, Color Combinations stand out to me. bad or good, doesn’t matter.. i notice them all & think things like: “hmm, that could be better in a muted shade of purple”, and “that terrible combination would just come alive with a splash of florescent yellow!” or ”i’ve never thought of that combo before!!” and i’ll want to run home and paint it. the other day i noticed how pretty my waitress shirt was in Aqua, and i saw an old deep orange hoodie layin’ on my floor.. i later stripped them off and laid them next to the table i was going to tissue-paint on and i got this:

So! back to the twiiinnkies!!

oh.. i mean tweaking. :(

after a little of this and a dash of that you get a nice before and after!



and here’s an unfinished bonus tweaker:

twas fun.

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