May 30, 2010


i knew that little red bird would be drawn..
but unlike him, i'm not stubborn.
(what is that black line poking him on his tail?)

i've ventured into a precise time of learning how to
hear from God.
and to alleviate retrospect's confusion, i've wiped clean the canvas of all the times i thought i "knew" something.
that has freed my mind to be an open book and relearn
some things.

what is this "knowing" that people talk of?
can God give you a word that lingers come hell or high-water?
or maybe this isn't a matter of discerning a word.
maybe i am inherently indecisive.
i will find out.

sometimes i fear that my Other will think i've forgotten.
but i haven't.
sometimes the urge to reveal that is overwhelming,
so i "speak to him."
but i know that if the love is true, it can wait and it will work.
so no need for rushing or pushing.

this is a unique time, unlike anything i've experienced.
so i say to myself "bon voyage!"

"Nothing requires more trust than submitting to discomfort that you believe in your heart is the will of God, when you know that you could take some action yourself and relieve that suffering."
-Joyce Meyer

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