May 17, 2010

beautiful Leonard Cohen cover.
this is my favorite performance by The Civil Wars.
could it be because of who wrote it?

i remember when this girl was a frosted blonde
Christian-pop artist.
i can also remember when i listened to
Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 & wore Tommy Hilfiger.
it's all i knew.

eventually i discovered there was More,
and threw myself into the Newness.
i began to evolve.

but others are still very much at home with Tommy,
and nothing is wrong with that..

as long they have extinguished any fear of Change.

i've been reading more lately,
and have noticed differing writing styles between authors.
some are redundant with their creative imagery.
this gets on my nerves.

i will say:

if you are True to yourself,
how can you Fail?
if you make an honest mistake,
how can it not be Redeemed?

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