May 22, 2010

lovely lunch date

for years i have heard about a certain bakery that was tucked away in downtown Fordyce.
today, i finally got to visit it with my friend Jessica.
the Klappenbach's.
what special people!

inside, a different rabbit figurine adorned every mismatched table.
coffee cups of every color and size were stacked up in a cupboard.
i chose the peachy pink cup.
Jess and i sipped coffee and chatted while waiting for our Reuben's to arrive.

before leaving, we struck up a conversation with a table of people,
one of which was the wife of the owner.
she complimented my jewelry.
i complimented the ambiance.

she then took me by the hand and led me to all of
their extra rooms.
i oohh'd and ahh'd over her vintage glass and what-nots that
were displayed.
i was reminded of a special lady whom i miss very much.
she told me about the fire they had a year before,
and how they had to redecorate everything.
i don't know what it looked like before,
but it made me think of the scripture
"He will give beauty for ashes."
lastly, i was taken to a big meeting room that was full
of natural light.
an old piano graced the far wall..
i touched the keys.
she said that it never got played,
so i played my newest song.
the acoustics were perfect for singing.

Mr. Klappenbach stood behind me and applauded.
i warmly thanked him.
smiling ear to ear, Norm shook my hand and asked my name.
i told him "Annalisa."
he replied "I may not remember that name, but i won't forget
those eyes!"

not only do they make the finest gingerbread cookies around,
they make people's day too!

i will be going back.

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