May 31, 2010

smushy slosh!

i've had a wonderful time these past couple days with my nephew Gavin.
he's 4 years old,
but he's growing up into such the little man..
i've been noticing it alot lately.
he's losing his babyness. :(
we spent alot of time outdoors yesterday.
we raced each other, played ball, dug some holes with a shovel, chased Sushi around, and we painted!
first we painted on paper,
then on skin!
he wanted to be spiderman.
i had no clue how to start that, so i went by his directions
which were "make my face red and put white spider lines on it!"
middle way through i told him he looked more like an indian chief warrior man.
i thought that sounded even cooler!
but not to him.

later he wanted to paint on my arm.
he always likes to take the colors that i've separated on the plate
and mix them all together.
usually i stop him, but today i didn't.
i enjoyed watching him brush freely through all the colors.
in turn, it made even more colors appear.
paint drops like marbles!

he drew a big circle in a slosh of smushy colors on my arm.
i said "make it a flower by adding a stem to it."
so he did.
when all was done he told me that it was a "wishing flower."
after talking with him i realized he talking about the dandelion. :)

(photo by: Gavin Nutt)

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