January 14, 2011

i read this comment on a youtube video the other night:

"well what are you waiting for then? remember this: you can act yourself in to believing, quicker than you can believe yourself into acting."

it was in response to someone who was confessing that they should be doing the Spirit music that was featured on the video.

i thought that was perfectly said.

i was looking up some natural remedies (which by the way i learned how to make GOOT, a very interesting miracle salve!) and got to blog hopping... it led me to this video on someone's blog.

some of you will feel me when i say that this gave me the cry-laugh-shouts....
(especially from 4 minutes on)

years back, i remember asking Robin Pasley (co-creator/percussionist/singer) of ETWC who she listens to for inspiration..
it interested me because i was so inspired by their music...
and she mentioned this guy below.
i never followed up on him.
glad i bumped into this.
MAN this is good.

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