January 5, 2011


the Holidays came upon me fast and left before i knew it.
this is probably the first Christmas where i was ready for it to be over with before it even started!
i figured that just meant i was getting older..
but after some thought, i realized it was mostly because i was really ready for the fresh slate of 2011 to begin, and not that i was losing my whimsical side.
(another part is that i hate how America does Christmas)
i didn't do anything too special to ring in the year, and i decided not to make any New Years resolutions..
but, as suggested by a friend, i am speaking certain words over my year.
at a show on 1-1-11, she told me that she spoke the word "order" over hers.
it really inspired me! seemed like a fresh idea.
i've been thinking about different words, but "order" in every sense , feels good to me too for 2011.
i look into numbers a lot.
i have special ones in my life, and they are significant everywhere...from the cosmos, to the number of ribs we have, to music composition, to God.
so i thought about the number 11 and wondered if it held a special meaning for this New Year...
after some reading, i find it "ironic" (in Alanis Morissette's definition?!) that the number 11 in the bible means DISORDER.

i have not researched many other Numerology sites..
but this definition was congruent with a couple others.

i'm still speaking ORDER over 2011.
gotta always speak and think Life, ya know?

the other word for my year is:


Harvest Moon. taken December 2010.

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