January 26, 2011

heart of iron

the other night i tried out a new technique painting tissue paper.

it’s similar to watercolor.. you mist your paper, water down your acrylic and let the paint flow. watching the different shades of liquid meld together was a complete JOY. it felt sooooo good. i kept smiling like i was in the presence of a new boyfriend or something. i was so inspired by the colors and the mood of the night, i started snapping some pictures.

when i finally captured the shot that hit me deep down, i stopped. (this photo is in my last blog entry)

later i found out there was a contest with the app i was using.

and it just so happened to be a theme that the photo could work with.

so i entered it.

i used to enter contests all the time when i was little!

usually coloring contests..

so this is new & fun & makin’ me feel like a little kid again. (in spite of the subject matter)

winner gets $100 gift card to iTunes.. SWEET!

ready, set, Vote.


and here’s another shot from that moody night:

you have to try out this technique!

you can use this paper for collage, scrapbooking, gift wrap, home decor, etc!

PS: here’s a clip from the DVD i learned from:


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