November 13, 2010

track and treats

what is me?

life is good, hard, beautiful, ugly, full of revelation and confusing. all at the same time.
there are so many people in this world.
it blows my mind like the thought of Eternity does.

i'm in Chicago.
this morning i recorded a few original songs for a demo.
pretty emotional songs to come into full contact with so early in the day.
i was in a quirky/homey upstairs studio. this guy who does graffiti tagged these faces on bright yellow pillows. some of the coolest cushions i eva did see.
i haven't painted a pillow in a long time, i realized.

we were above an authentic mexican joint called the Burrito House.
i got a big one with extra avocado.
i usually never know what to order, and once i finally do...
i always wish i would have gotten something else.
i'm staying with my old friend Adam.
his roommate is a great hispanic Christian guy.
it was very refreshing talking with him about the Faith...
i don't think i'm as lost as i thought i was.

i can hear "Imagine" by John Lennon in the background while in my bedroom.
it feels soothing. i have a crock-pot on filled with water and a random idea of cough drops thrown in. this is supposed to help keep the air moist.
[editors note: i woke up the next morning with my socks boiling in the crock-pot. i kicked them off during the night & apparently they landed right in it! also, the water was yellow from the cough drops. you can only imagine my reaction.]
my voice is getting scratchy... the timing is just impeccable.

praying, neti-pot, halls, seclusion-no talking, lots of water... this should make me better by tomorrow's show.

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