November 24, 2010

a fallish winter.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy birthday to mom.
Christmas Eve is a month away.
i've been practicing my smile:

i've also been enjoying the short stories of Brian Andreas.
it reminds me of that idea of little blogs turned into books.

"Going Somewhere Soon"

here's a few excerpts:
"i moved a lot when i was young
& i still ache a bit at
the thought of all those autumns
in new & unfamiliar landscapes."
"i made a bed of nails once like
they do in India
but my mom said i'd need my tetanus shots first.
so after awhile i just leaned it
against the garage & threw apples at it
& watched them stick."
"he told me that the night his mother died,
there were storms & far away
he saw purple lightning
& someone left the window open
& the room filled with a
swirl of butterflies
& she slipped out quietly
without anyone noticing

& i'm sure the grief was
softer because of that."

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