November 20, 2010


86 years worth of rich stories!
sadly, i hadn't heard any of them..

until that summer night
3 months ago.
we were driving him home after my Aunt's graduation.
a two hour drive--
and he talked most of the way.
it was the most i'd heard him talk in my whole life.
i soaked it up like a little sponge.

i found out he used to have a pet Otter named Ollie.
it was his best buddy.
he'd feed it fish and teach him tricks!

he also told us a story that he said no one would believe.
a few years ago he was locking the gate at the old farm..
he said he shut his eyes and left his body.
he said he was in an old rocking chair and was flying or "gliding" above the back part of town
and could see things happening below, but no one could see him.
he said he flew above the old Ebenezer cemetery.
he was very aware of where he was the whole time.
he said it lasted for some time, and then he decided to go back to the farm.
he opened his eyes and was back.
he said it felt amazing.
and i believed every word he said.

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