August 3, 2009

driving on.

i was in Monticello the other day helping my good friend Jessica get her speech therapy room all set up for the new school year. we're going to decorate Hawaii style!
i've always loved the drive to Warren/Monticello because the drive is basically a straight road the whole way, there are never any cops in sight & traffic is slim to none.
it always seemed so safe and ok to speed.
i remember once in high school, i think it was 11th grade, i was pimping the vintage sea foam green mercedes-benz. i was flying in that thing. it drove so smooth, you felt like you were flying.
the speedometer could get up to 16o mph!
what was it, a race car?
i hit 120, but started getting that creepy i'm-a-little-closer-to-death feeling, so i let off.

but man it felt good.

this particular day i wasn't flying like that.
different ride. pimping the soccer mom.
but i was having a blast.
listening to loud music with the windows down.
the clouds were all fluffy and hug worthy in the sky.
it was a clear beautiful day that matched my mind
and i wanted to take a picture of myself in it.

so i did.

it was a big deal for me to get the guts to pull over and take a
picture of myself in the middle of the road.
i was feeling all shy, not wanting people to see me,
but.. i really wanted to capture this moment with myself so - - I DID IT.

i don't know what i learned from this, but i got something.

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