August 17, 2009

aug 17

here's a little idea of what i've been working on in my friends classroom. cell phone pic.
i stayed frustrated for almost the entire day yesterday. i really don't know why. possibly my lunch experience...
went to church (Thrive) with my cousin/bff-er James, and i really enjoyed it there. i like the people. anyway a big group of us went to eat heart healthy Mexican food afterwards. the smell in that place was TERRIBLE. it wasn't a rotty smell, but a cleaner smell. a very strong cleaner-- possibly Fabuloso, (which i happen to love in small quantities).. i don't know what they were cooking with back there-- they had a street fighter mexican with scary eyes delivering our chips and ketchupy salsa. One guy at our table had a plastic wrapper mixed in with his enchilada & a centipede crawled over my foot in the girls restroom.. all of this mixed together-- made me order a Sprite. i NEVER drink Sprite. but i was, with no exaggeration, nauseous.
oh and, they got my order wrong, so i didn't even pay for my food.
i sent it back.
i felt like such a brat.
i did manage to appreciate the pleather kelly green booths they had, tho.

today is better.
i miss someone still.
but i'm hanging in there.
keeping myself busy.
made an at home photo studio:
here's the picture it captured. this is with natural lighting, outside:

(found this vintage bad boy at a little thrift shop in town.)

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  1. Because comments are's my contribution.
    There's a picture in my facebook wall photos that my 6 year old daughter drew. It's entitled Rainbow Time-Bomb. Your picture at the top there with clouded-full-circle rainbow and happy sun makes me think of Merci's picture. When she finished the drawing, she said that Jesus was in the middle, the rainbow forming a circle around Him (me imagining Him on a the throne at the End) and realizing she's telling me what's to come without ever having heard that Revelation story. Looks to me like your clouds are covering what has not yet been revealed in time. The best is yet to come...and full circle at that! An invitation to the more that hides itself in the Sure Hope of being found.