June 10, 2011

when i was a little Anu, saying "shut up" was an ugly word.
one of my earlier memories is when i was 4 years old.
me and my lil 3 year old brother were playing in the backyard at
our house in Holly Springs, AR.
we started fussing about something & i was driven to my limit (apparently) because i yelled "Shut up Jonathan!"
it was one of those moments where we both sort of froze and our mouths dropped open.
then it was on.
"OOOoooo i'm telling mama!!"
and i remember both of us running towards the house and me telling him that he didn't have to tell mom because i was going to wash my own mouth out with soap!
i remember making a mad dash towards the bathroom where i then cleaned my tongue somethin' good on a bar of soap.

but...the little squirt still told my mom. ;)

i have this foggy picture of her at the bathroom door (not mad) and me saying "it's ok Mom, i've already cleaned my mouth out with soap."

makes me wonder if i still do these kind of things on an adult level....

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