May 23, 2011


we used to call my nephew Gavin "Bunny" when he was a baby.
but, we don't call him that much anymore.
tonight the lil 5 year old manboy graduated from pre-school & i wore my rabbit ring!

on the way back home i drove safely up our gravel driveway because often i see rabbits scurrying across the way. (yet another reason why i love Spring!)
but i didn't see any this time.

but then later on in the house, my dad brought in this sweet little bunny that my dog had found.
though he had been tossed around quite a bit by Su, he was still alive.
i called him our graduation bunny!!
and me & Gavs were going to take care of him.
i left him in a warm box so he could relax off any shock.
but the poor little guy didn't make it.


i cried.
but ya know, even through this.. i don't love my dog any less.
it's all part of life.

and life is so strange.

one day there will be no more tears. no more death.

thank you little rabbit baby for being so soft, & for having such a cute cotton tail, & for creating a few brief moments where i could FEEL the realness of life.




  3. could eldo do one of these? what song?

    [on gmail i'm "usa71730"]

  4. that vid is totally joyful! thanksya for sharing.

  5. doesn't it make you wish we could do one like it here (eldo)?

  6. this looks like it might be useful info:

  7. this brings tears to my eyes: