October 20, 2010

wondering wanderer

i have a blurry understanding of some things,
and no understanding of all the rest.

but one thing i do know is that something eternal is in me..
and it is constantly crying out for more.

some art makes me feel like a wanderer.
like a river exploring the rocks, tasting of the earth, but never finding its home in the ocean.

we all want less wandering and more wonderment.
we want to be childlike but we think with our head.
does Faith make sense?
does it work?

creative time signatures laced with haunting melisma can only move
one so far...

i hear an old hymn sung by siblings on demand in a dirty kitchen.
and try as i may to quell it, the eternal in me breaks.
the floodgates lift,
my face turns wet
golden eyeshadow tears.

i felt the More.
and it had been a long, long time.

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