October 20, 2010

sleepy eyed hunter boy

me, my brother Jonathan, my sister in law Lacey, her brother Jon-Jon and baby Link all spent the night in Little Rock last night so we could be there early for my brother's wrist surgery.
about a week and a half ago, i was on the road in Los Angeles when my mom called with the news:
Jonathan had been deer hunting in the woods & fell asleep in his deer stand!
he had gotten down from his stand earlier to check on a wounded deer (or something like that...poor little deer) & so when he got back in his stand, he didn't put his safety belt back on.
he fell 20 ft to the ground and woke up when he landed on his face.
the doctor said if he had been awake when he fell, he would have stiffened up and probably died or been paralyzed. but instead he only broke his wrists, got bruised up pretty badly, and bit all the way through his tongue in one spot.
we are all astonished by the outcome of this. so grateful that i still have my widdle brother.
i love him so much.

crazy side note: Jon's wife & kids were also in California at the same time i was on vacation in San Francisco! we were all in CA... what are the odds?!

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