February 17, 2010

theater ADD?

hello bloggy.
tonight i went and watched STOMP with my fave cousin and my pal Jess.
i always get really excited about these things,
but i'm finding i get let down!
the show was pretty entertaining.
it's just i wanted it to be about 30 min instead of an hour 1/2.
i also thought Stomp had more spiritual/native american elements..
i wanted to feel moved, and walk away more enlightened..
but it was more silly skits without words, and beat after beat after beat made with hands and objects.
a drummers paradise i guess. but way too repetitious for me. no music, no singing, no lights, no colors, just noise.
like i said, it was cool for the first twenty min or so..

the tiny lights on stage tho did cause the shadows of the 8 stompers to be cast onto the big walls surrounding the audience. i don't know if anyone else noticed.
but it gave me creepy cool feelings watching their long shadows dance around on an angle.
it reminded me of Peter Pan or Narnia,
and i was entertained :)

dinner theaters = NO
musicals = NO
music shows for too long no matter how good the music = NO

a few years back i watched a show titled "The Acrobats of China"... and i thoroughly enjoyed it.
and i know i'd never want Cirque Du Soleil to end,
if ever given the chance to see it.


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