February 8, 2010


here lately i've been thinking about how much we have here in America.
i know there are some pretty poverty stricken places here, but even the poorest area seems better off than other countries.
last night i watched a documentary called "Blood, Sweat, & T-Shirts" on the Planet Green Channel. (cool new channel!!)
anyway, several fashion obsessed UK kids were taken to sweatshops in India to see where there beloved threads were coming from.
Some were fashion majors, some just loved clothes. One girl even stated that she loved it when items were cheap or on sale because then she could wear it just once and then chunk it!

sweat-shop workers make around 114 rupee's a day.
that's equivalent to almost $2 in American money.

a stick of deodorant costs 140 rupee's.
it is a luxury.

i can't believe i was born here in the States.
i could have easily been born into a poverty stricken nation i guess.. like Haiti for instance..

anyway, i'm just ridiculously grateful.
we have SO much food, warm showers, clean towels, a full stove, medicine, freedom, toothpaste, comfortable beds and pets.

i rescued another baby squirrel. it's the sweetest thing in the world. his name is Cinco.
rodents steal my heart more than anything! haha! i guess it's because they're so tiny & soft.
and when their eyes aren't opened yet (like his) they're helpless & they depend on ME for their survival.
last night i was warming him up, loving on him and feeding him good milk.
i then lay him in his cozy box that sits on top of a warm heating pad, and patted his head goodnight.

and i was thinking that even Cinco has it better than most people!

what can i do to help out those parts of the world?
will they ever get out of the poverty rut?
the bible says "the poor you will have with you always.."
it just seems like we should be doing something more if we lucked out and were born here.

it could just as easily been us starving to death or sharing a one room house with 10 family members.

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