September 6, 2009

giddy up.

well, i stepped out of my comfort zone tonight.
a good friend of mine really wanted me to go ride horses with her & a bunch of country folk.
i've never rode a horse.
never really desired to.
and i'm not into anything much "country"
but she promised me i'd love it.
so i said yes.

we all walked out to the field to see the horses,
flashlights in hand.
the light caught 2 horses, that were "connecting".
i was like WHAT THE?!
that was probably the highlight of the night for me.
not trying to be all weird-- it was just a powerful mating process.
good ole nature.

i was really on edge around the horses, tho.
they're so big and strong,
and surely they have a mind of their own..
stories i've heard about people getting kicked in the head or being stomped to death by the beasts swirled through my head.

but i kept sucking it up, to try and have a good time & not dissapoint my friend that invited me.
one of the men folk out there looked like a rough version of one of the guys
from 7 brides for 7 brothers.
pretty red hair.
his name was John Boy.
him, including all the men--the riding pros--
(my protecters when the horses drag me off into the woods)--
were lit.
i began to feel even more out of place & unsafe.

finally tho, with much prodding, i saddled up on a horse named Sassy.
i rode her around the yard area.
even though i was still a little scared, i really enjoyed the ride.
i liked being up so high.
i thought about horses as transporation for the Indians,
my heritage.
i imagined that i lived back then.
i love stories from the 1800s.

my beer was hot.
the mosquitos were out,
& the air was thick and smelled of manure.
(these people were lapping it up tho! right at home in the boonies!)

my friend kept telling me, i know this is not your style out here,
but just look at it like you're in a movie!
i said "I have been Jess, but movies are usually over in an hour and a half!"

the plan i guess, was for me to ride off into the woods until daylight,
but i just couldn't. so i left.
for a first time ride, around the yard was enough for me.
if it's any longer than that, i'd like to have at least one sober instructor on board & possibly the sun shining so i can see where i'm going.

i experienced a whole different culture right in my own town.
(EDIT: i think that IS the culture of my town.)
and everyone of those people were precious.

but i felt so, so out of place.
i kept feeling bad about it too..
i called my cousin to vent & he said "but Annalisa, if you were to take John Boy and stick him in a wine and cheese tasting, he'd feel out of place too."

so there. :)

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