September 7, 2009


earlier today when i walked outside to head to my brothers house,
i heard a little squeeky noise.
i turned around to find my cat Fraidy jumping around and patting the grass with his paws.
i ran over to see what it was and found it was a baby squirrel trying to run for it's tiny life!
i started yelling and shooing off the cat, and scrambled to pick up the little guy.
he wasn't hurt, it didn't seem.
thank goodness.
so i loved him up, and got him a shoe-box home, and fed him diluted pet milk with a dropper for supper.
he's so small, his eyes aren't even opened yet.

i've decided to name him Pepper.

after finding him, i got pretty emotional for some reason..
maybe because i saved it's life (hopefully it's a long life)
or because i wished that
someone who loves animals & sweet things
was with me at the discovery.

i was surprised that today wasn't 24 in any way.



  1. What's 24? You've got 22 covered so far in a song. Tell me about 24...I'll tell you about E.

  2. 24 is a special, somewhat synchronistic number between me and my love (recently x love, i guess) of 3 years.

    humor me with your E, Ashley!!