June 26, 2010

an original. a cry.

took several days to the Quiet.
update on my experience coming soon!

June 12, 2010


fancy status updates, pretty faces
and seemingly effervescent personalities
leave you with a good impression of a person.
but people are troubled.

i wish to be simple.
God knows i try to be.

June 10, 2010

"Consider and answer me, O Lord my God.
Lighten the eyes of my faith to behold Your face in the pitchlike darkness...
lest I sleep the sleep of death."

Psalms 13:3 (amp)

june nine

earlier this evening i was playing piano.
at one point, while letting an Am chord breathe,
my ear caught a high pitched sound similar to a bird's chirp coming from outside the window.
i opened my front door to see if i could glimpse this night-bird!
once outside, the sound was more pronounced.
it sounded like a kitten's cry!
so i started calling for the kitty.
"come here.. it's ok", and that kiss kiss noise we all make.
instead, our miniature dachshund Sushi answered my call.
and in her mouth was a tiny baby rabbit.
i had to smack the dog pretty hard in order for her to drop it.
then i saw in full.
half of that little bunny body was flesh pink.
skinned of its pretty brownish grey fur.
it was a terrible sight, and my stomach knotted.
but surprisingly, it was still alive and trying to hop.
so i've got it in a warm box.
i'll be making a trip to the vet in the morning.
i hope he makes it.

a couple of days ago my Dad told me that the dog and cat
had killed a squirrel.
so this morning while i was holding Sushi i said,
"now listen! squirrels are off limits. i love squirrels & they're
our friends."

but i forgot to tell her bunnies are too.

June 4, 2010


this is the first of my statement necklaces.
i still might touch it up a little bit..
but here it is!
i have several more in the process.
i will be posting them here & in my Etsy shop very soon!
(also new rings!)

(this photo was taken by my 4 year old nephew Gavin Nutt! not bad, huh? he loves taking pictures!)


blue bottle coffee

micro-brewed coffees.
i'd love to get to know the Amaro Gayo Washed blend.


the moonflower only blooms at night.
their fragrance is full and delightful.



i always wanted to be a balloon when i grew up...
and it seems that i've succeeded.

june 3

often, i find myself imagining how painful it would be
to lose a child.
especially a baby or a toddler.. that priceless age when they are
the cutest and most forgivable.
every time i imagine this my stomach drops.
i breathe a prayer, begging God not to let that be in His plan for me
and then i finish with a prayer of protection over all of the
babies in my life.
the most blissful moment, the prettiest sunrise, the kindest words could never overshadow this kind of devastation.
it is the pinnacle of sadness,
and you never get over it.

with so much pain and suffering in this world,
and the lingering effect that they bring,
it seems the Bad still outweighs the Good.

June 2, 2010

paradise lost & concurrence

and so it goes...?
but i have a few problems with this.


she hated breathing through her mouth
but continued to wash her face.
hot tears mixed with the cool water.
strangely, that part she liked.
she thought about that little girl's smile
and made a wish to be 5 again.