June 10, 2010

june nine

earlier this evening i was playing piano.
at one point, while letting an Am chord breathe,
my ear caught a high pitched sound similar to a bird's chirp coming from outside the window.
i opened my front door to see if i could glimpse this night-bird!
once outside, the sound was more pronounced.
it sounded like a kitten's cry!
so i started calling for the kitty.
"come here.. it's ok", and that kiss kiss noise we all make.
instead, our miniature dachshund Sushi answered my call.
and in her mouth was a tiny baby rabbit.
i had to smack the dog pretty hard in order for her to drop it.
then i saw in full.
half of that little bunny body was flesh pink.
skinned of its pretty brownish grey fur.
it was a terrible sight, and my stomach knotted.
but surprisingly, it was still alive and trying to hop.
so i've got it in a warm box.
i'll be making a trip to the vet in the morning.
i hope he makes it.

a couple of days ago my Dad told me that the dog and cat
had killed a squirrel.
so this morning while i was holding Sushi i said,
"now listen! squirrels are off limits. i love squirrels & they're
our friends."

but i forgot to tell her bunnies are too.

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