October 27, 2009

holy moly it's 6AM

i think i have the flu again.
i'm so achey & my throat is so sore!
bad timing.
people here have been sick alot.
i finished a song at the studio today.
i love it.
it's called "Please Remember."
my creativity is spinning out of control.
it hasn't been like that in a long time.
i feel i thrive when i collaborate with others.
we're dealing predominantly with electronica.
and i think it's beating my last studio experience.
i am amazed by the over abundance of beats, sounds, & synths & how you can manipulate them into exactly what you want.
i think my voice suits this music.
i'm a huge fan of down beats & trip hop..
i just never knew how to make that kind of music.
& now i'm getting a taste of it!
think Massive Attack.

back to the present... i just got back from the grocery store & bought fresh ginger & lemon & grated them both into boiling water.
then mixed in honey to make a tea of sorts in hopes of making me feel better.
sounds good, tastes terrible.
i think i didn't have my proportions right.

sip sip sip.

there is a gas station up the road that has a toy machine filled with mini ice creams & teeny animals & such.

i put in a quarter & got a little fat gummie cow pencil topper.

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